Hillcrest Baptist Church Student Ministry consists of students in 7th grade through college. We have several weekly times to get involved as well as fun events coming up every month. So make sure you check out our calendar and we will see you soon! 





December 1-2, 2017 @ The Vineyard
Cost is $15
We have a fun weekend of bible study and fun events planned. Come and join us. Sign up in the Student Office. 

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REGISTER today for Disciple Now, January 12-14, 2018. 

ELEVATE, as we elevate the ONE who elevated us. -John 12:32



Weekly Schedule


Throughout each week there are several times we meet to worship...Join us!


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Sunday 9:15 am

Sunday mornings we meet for a time of Bible study. Classes are divided by grades and meet in and around the Student Center.


Sunday 4:45 pm

Sunday nights we meet for Small Group Bible Study from 4:45 pm-7:15pm. There is a light supper, game time and then a time of small group bible study. 


HBC Student Ministry wants to serve our students the best we can. We offer a variety of different bible studies and fun events throughout the year. 

DISCIPLE NOW is an annual event that happens early in the year. Students are at the church for an entire weekend diving into bible study, fellowship, worship and building their personal relationship with Christ. The students are placed in groups based on gender and age. They stay in a church member's home for some small group bible study, meals, and sleeping. At the church we meet for group worship, a few meals and recreation. Each year we bring in a band and a speaker to enhance the weekend. 

We are all about making more of Jesus. This happens through worship, bible study, missions, and service on a weekly basis. (Be sure to check out our weekly schedule and get involved.)

There are various events throughout the year that promote these pillars as well. 


Our Motto is found in our name-ELEVATE as we elevate the ONE who elevated us. -John 12:32